Merchant Cash Advance

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Why choose Market Capital Funding?

We’re here to help you find the exact financing solution to fit your needs. Our Merchant Cash Advance is perfect for small businesses that accept credit cards and want the flexibility that comes with repayment based on a percentage of future daily credit card sales.

Finance any business goal

Use our Merchant Cash Advance to pay for virtually anything you need for your business, including:

  • Purchasing inventory
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Expansion projects
  • Short-term capital needs
  • And more!

Benefits of our Merchant Cash Advance:


Flexible Repayments

Repayments are based on a percentage of daily credit card sales, so we only make money when you make money



Fast Approval

Apply online or over the phone in minutes, get approved in a few hours and access funds in as fast as one day!



Financing Now

Get up to 250% of your monthly credit card sales volume in one lump sum to take care of the things you need for your business.


How it works:

With terms as long as 10 months and funding amounts ranging from $5,000 to $500,000, get funded in three easy steps:

  1. Apply online or call us today at 800-631-3370.
  2. Get approved in just a few hours
  3. Access funds in as fast as one day!

Does your business qualify?

If you’ve been in business for over a year and make at least $5,000 a month in revenue, then you may qualify for one of our Merchant Cash Advances. Bonus points if your credit score is over 500 – but don’t worry, it’s not the only thing we look at when evaluating your business.

Don’t meet or exceed the above requirements? Talk to your business advisor today to see if you qualify for any of our specialty programs:

Starter Merchant Cash Advance

  • Designed for businesses with as few as 3 months of credit card sales volume
  • Up to 50% in funding of your monthly average volume
  • Qualify for more capital on better terms when you’re completely paid off

Premium Merchant Cash Advance

  • Get the added benefit of lower costs per funding
  • Must have excellent credit
  • Be in business for at least 3 years

Ready to apply? Have the following documents handy:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Voided check from your business checking account
  • Last three statements from your business bank account